Sibillini d’Inverno: idee per una convivenza

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La pratica dello scialpinismo nel rispetto dell’ambiente, l’espansione della presenza del Lupo, le economie della montagna e le nuove forme di sfruttamento turistico.

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

A lovely video about the Sibillini National Park in the Winter. The practice of ski mountaineering in the environment, the expansion of the presence of the wolf, the economies of the mountain and the new forms of tourism.



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Nelle Marche 300 alberi per ogni cittadino

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La superficie boschiva totale è di 308.000 ettari

Per ogni cittadino marchigiano ci sono circa trecento alberi. Il dato è stato diffuso oggi dalla Coldiretti regionale, che mette le Marche al terzo posto tra le regioni per numero di piante rispetto alla superficie. Per l’associazione degli agricoltori si tratta del beneficio della norma che prevede l’obbligo per i comuni sopra i 15.000 abitanti di mettere a dimora una nuova pianta per ogni bambino nato. Secondo un’analisi Coldiretti, sulla base dell’ultimo inventario nazionale del Corpo Forestale dello Stato, le Marche contano 518 milioni di alberi. Complessivamente, ci sono 308 mila ettari di superficie forestale, quasi un terzo di quella totale e oltre il doppio di quella registrata negli anni sessanta (140 mila ettari). La provincia con il maggior numero di boschi è quella di Pesaro-Urbino (121 mila ettari), davanti a Macerata (87 mila ettari), Ascoli Piceno e Fermo (69 mila ettari) e Ancona (31 mila ettari).

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

The total forest area in Le Marche is 308,000 hectares, so for every citizen  there are about three hundred trees. This data was released today by the regional Coldiretti, which puts Le Marche in to the third place among the regions for number of plants per surface area.

For the farmers’ association, there is also the benefit of the rule which obliges the municipalities of over 15,000 inhabitants, to plant a new tree for every child born.

According to an analysis, Coldiretti, based on the latest national inventory of the State Forestry Corps, Le Marche has 518 million trees. Altogether, there are 308 000 hectares of forest area, this is nearly one-third of the total and more than double that was recorded in the sixties (140,000 hectares).

The province with the highest number of forests is  Pesaro-Urbino (121,000 hectares), ahead of Macerata (87,000 hectares), Ascoli Piceno and Fermo (69,000 hectares) and Ancona (31,000 hectares).

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Not Only Do Our Guests Have Fun In The Snow….

We took Jessie Dog up to the mountains the other day and what a fun time she had. She just loved exploring and then had a good roll around in the white stuff.

So many walks up in the Sibillini Mountains and although not all of them are accessible with the snow, there are plenty to choose from anyway. Great skiing at the moment too!

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The Stunning Madonna dell’Ambro in The Snow – Marche Tourism

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Via Marche Tourism :

Vi auguriamo una buona serata con questa suggestiva immagine del Santuario della Madonna dell’Ambro a Montefortino (FM) coperto da una soave coltre bianca. Immerso nei Monti Sibillini, il suo nome deriva dal fiume Ambro che scivola, silente, nel territorio, accanto al santuario.

Grazie per la foto a Il chioschetto nel bosco

We wish you a good evening with this striking image of the Shrine of Our Lady dell’Ambro Montefortino (FM) covered with a soft white blanket. Nestled in the Monti Sibillini, derives its name from the river that glides Ambro, silent, in the area next to the sanctuary. Thank you for the photo, from the kiosk in the woods.

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

Madonna dell’Ambro is a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the woods about 20 minutes from The Hideaway. Here you will find many wonderful paintings amongst the peace and quiet of the Church.

Outside, there is the start of some of the most beautiful walks along the side of the waterfalls with the amazing  rocks.

On a hot summer day, it is the perfect place to cool off and the waters are just so refreshing. On a Sunday you will find many Italian families picnicking and enjoying life.

The is also a cafe and a small restaurant for refreshments.

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Where to Eat in Southern Le Marche from Il Nascondiglio

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Sarah Topps‘s insight:

Le Marche really is full of some most wonderful places to dine. From the simplest of pizzarias, to restaurants which would rival any in the center of London!

You will be able to sample home-cooked local produce, lovingly made in the same way for generations. Here in Italy, regional dishes are strictly adhered to and you will be surprised to learn that nearly every town has its own style of pasta.

Delightful dishes such as Vincisgrassi, a wonderful light lasagne made with many many layres, Ascolana olives, stuffed olives filled with a type of minced meat, breadcrumbed and lightly fried and so many more delicacies.

Check out some of our local favourites. We are sure you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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Tortellini with Vino Cotto (or use Sapa instead)

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This recipe is unique and uses Vino Cotto. This meat filled Tortellini, is extremely tasty and delicious and delicate.

1 x batch of fresh pasta mix (as per video on our cooking channel)250grams x beef mince50grams x slithered radicchio80grams x fresh ricotta cheese50grams x grated parmigiano30grams x olive oil60grams x milk soaked almonds1/2 x lemon freshly squeezed2 x tablespoons of Vino Cottosalt to taste


-have a batch of freshly made pasta dough ready to be rolled
-mix all ingredients together in a bowl and place to side
-roll out pasta and cut into shapes (100mm diameter circles)
-make up an egg wash and coat pasta shapes
-make up balls with prepared mixture using teaspoon measure (approx)
-place in middle of cut pasta shape
-allow egg wash to dry then seal and shape accordingly
-add tortellini to salted boiling water and allow tortellini to rise to the surface and cook for further three minutes
– drain and serve to taste

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Tipicità – Made in Marche Festival 2013

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Sarah Topps‘s insight:

For everything Le Marche has to offer, come along to a fantastic event this Marche in Fermo, Le Marche. Try excellent wines and food amongst a whole host of other products from the region. Discover hand-crafted products like olive oil soap, leather shoes and belts, chocolates, honey and so much more. Enjoy this great experience on the 16th, 17th and 18th March 2013.

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Local Home-made Cheeses from Fontegranne – Belmonte Piceno – Fermo

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On a nearby farm at Belmonte Piceno, their motto’s are:

Each year to produce the best hay.

Every day to feed our animals and milk the best milk.

Every morning to turn fresh milk into cheese unique.

Every hour for maturing cheese and enrich our noble perfume.

This is us.

This is our industry.

And this shows.

From the wonderful cool, creamy goats cheeses made with ‘raw’ milk, lightly coated in the hottest of chillies, a taste explosion! To the cheeses aged in terracotta, there is something to suit all tastes.

You can book a degustazione visit – cheese and oil and jams and jellies all homemade and waiting for you to sample.  Cold cuts and high quality products, alongside a small selection of wines from the best wineries in Le Marche.

For the really adventurous, why not spend a day in the dairy, learning for yourself first-hand how to process the cheese. You will participate in different activities that take place in a full working day at the farm from 6.30 am to 13.00 and again in the afternoon. A wonderful experience and all from only €50 per person for a group of 4, or €75 for a group of 2.

For further information, have a look at their website:

For Tours contact or see

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

We met the staff of the Fontegranne at the Gualdo Cheese Festival last year and they certainly have every right to be so passionate about their products. You can tell the care and attention which goes into making each cheese we sampled. They were all delicious.

Why not stay with us at The Hideaway if planning a visit to the farm. For more information see:

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5th Edition of Hot Ice Photoshooting 2013!!!

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Hot Ice snowboard

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

Its Hot Ice 2013 time at Maddalena this weekend. A great chance to photograph some of the top snowboarders as they do their stuff. Good music too! 23rd and 24 February. Don’t miss it.

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