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Via Marche Tourism :

Vi auguriamo una buona serata con questa suggestiva immagine del Santuario della Madonna dell’Ambro a Montefortino (FM) coperto da una soave coltre bianca. Immerso nei Monti Sibillini, il suo nome deriva dal fiume Ambro che scivola, silente, nel territorio, accanto al santuario.

Grazie per la foto a Il chioschetto nel bosco

We wish you a good evening with this striking image of the Shrine of Our Lady dell’Ambro Montefortino (FM) covered with a soft white blanket. Nestled in the Monti Sibillini, derives its name from the river that glides Ambro, silent, in the area next to the sanctuary. Thank you for the photo, from the kiosk in the woods.

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

Madonna dell’Ambro is a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the woods about 20 minutes from The Hideaway. Here you will find many wonderful paintings amongst the peace and quiet of the Church.

Outside, there is the start of some of the most beautiful walks along the side of the waterfalls with the amazing  rocks.

On a hot summer day, it is the perfect place to cool off and the waters are just so refreshing. On a Sunday you will find many Italian families picnicking and enjoying life.

The is also a cafe and a small restaurant for refreshments.

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