Tortellini with Vino Cotto (or use Sapa instead)

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This recipe is unique and uses Vino Cotto. This meat filled Tortellini, is extremely tasty and delicious and delicate.

1 x batch of fresh pasta mix (as per video on our cooking channel)250grams x beef mince50grams x slithered radicchio80grams x fresh ricotta cheese50grams x grated parmigiano30grams x olive oil60grams x milk soaked almonds1/2 x lemon freshly squeezed2 x tablespoons of Vino Cottosalt to taste


-have a batch of freshly made pasta dough ready to be rolled
-mix all ingredients together in a bowl and place to side
-roll out pasta and cut into shapes (100mm diameter circles)
-make up an egg wash and coat pasta shapes
-make up balls with prepared mixture using teaspoon measure (approx)
-place in middle of cut pasta shape
-allow egg wash to dry then seal and shape accordingly
-add tortellini to salted boiling water and allow tortellini to rise to the surface and cook for further three minutes
– drain and serve to taste

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