If you want to know to sell truffles (and teach truffle hunting), to New Yorkers, talk to our neighbour Moreno Moretti

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Sarah Topps‘s insight:

Our Friendly Neighbour Moreno hits the big time in the “Big Apple” or the “Giant Truffle” as he now calls it:

How to join a region delightful but little known as Le Marche to the myth of America. We present Moreno Moretti, a 26 year old tartufologo landed in the Big Apple, which he renamed the Great Truffle, as the city with the largest number of restaurants at the top, and the highest number of millionaires, and both are happy to corner the Italian truffle , a highly sought after luxury product.

Moreno comes up with the smiling face and upbeat, the entrepreneurial verve, and its web page (Le Marche Holiday) shows the wasp happy. There are objects that represent an entire nation, and we need to focus on old stereotypes sometimes. Here’s what he says, and explains how to seduce the American who wants to return to Italy a second time without even having to visit Rome or Florence. Just offer them the truffle hunting. Here is his story.

“My dream has always been to arrive in America, and sell gourmet products related to my country, because I am sure of one thing: Americans love Italy the traditional food and good living, and films of the 50s . Americans like the truffle hunting, because they are passionate about Italian food, and then the nose is so special, a delicious mushroom and very precious. ”

Moreno is one of those young Italian graduates who could not find a job if you had to invent, and is more than happy to do so, because the alternative was between factory work or be unemployed, but we return to the truffle.

Sometimes you can walk for more than three hours and did not find anything, how can you find a kg in a short time. There are many families in our mountains sibilillini making this activity the reason for his life, they get up in the morning and go truffle hunting in the woods all day, and are very jealous of their secrets. The price of the truffle is like gold because the price changes from day to day. Americans fell in love with it because it is very expensive, and therefore is a luxury, and because it tastes so strong and unique that would pay gold to taste.

And so on this wave I developed a tourism project to look for truffles offering wine tours, and I came to New York looking to develop contacts with distributors for the sale of truffles and other products. “Forpeople like Moreno the city that never sleeps is a masterpiece, while the Americans already knew him since Moreno has been repeatedly named by the magazine Dream of Italy as one of the most talented Italian innovators in the field of tourism.

“New York has struck me, frankly a city so fast and so big I had never seen before. For a guy like me, who comes from the country, it was a great experience. A city of many opportunities, whether you have initiative and a touch of madness and unconsciousness can emerge, and within a week you can close business, make friends, and maybe even get married. No, I have not married, but the other two things I’ve done.

Anyway back to the truffle, is very special as it is the product of 70% water and every day after quarrying if you do not sell immediately lose 5 % of economic value.Then selling it is a race against time. The truffle hunting is a unique experience instead of back to nature, and believe me, those who live between iron and cement it really needs, even if that iron and cement New York. ”

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