Le Marche: Aromas, Flavors, Food, and Wine

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[…] Both in Florence and Rome, as well as in the whole region of Le Marche, I recognized aromas that made me feel like I was in my own land, many of them from the present day, others from my childhood; not so in Venice, Bologna, or Siena.

In order to avoid a lengthy recounting, I want to write about my stay in Porto San Giorgio and every city in the region of Le Marche that I was able to visit. The food and the wine were fundamental factors of my well-being. In addition to having quality pastas, meats, fish, and vegetables in the markets, I was fortunate in also having great cooks. Another motif of the trip was the aromas, the likes of rosemary, sage, fresh oregano, mint, laurel, etc. These were the scents that would take me close to home, in every lunch or dinner in my journey throughout the area. […]

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So many fantastic restaurants in our beautiful region of Le Marche

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