The Beautiful Donkeys of Forestcamp – Smerillo

For the most wonderful experience for all the family, why not come and have a day out with the beautiful donkeys and knowledgeable Marco in Smerillo. Here you will explore the forest and get to find out all about the fossils hidden away. Be at one with nature and your surroundings.

Marco is passionate about his donkeys and the area and is full of interesting information.

You will bond with your donkeys, learn how to look after them and become immersed in the peace and tranquility for the day. Great fun for children and adults alike (but if you are small you get to ride the donkeys!).

There are 3 different trips –

EXCURSION BASE: Walk through the woods and medieval village, you will learn the basics on donkeys, we discover the fossils of the Pleistocene, we explore some trails of the forest and you can learn a bit ‘of history of the area.

ONE DAY TOGETHER: Hike from Smerillo to Montefalcone and return, through the woods and the various environments that make it up, with the possibility to spend a whole day with our friends donkeys for a deeper mutual understanding. Stop at a nice picnic area. Packed lunch on request.

SUNSET HIKE: Easy tour, with a stop in one of the most scenic terraces on the Sibillini to admire a dazzling sunset behind the magical mountains, in the company of the donkeys, peaceful grazing. Return in the dark.

For more information contact Marco on 347 6820066 or visit the donkey website or for further details see

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