Ten great reasons why you should book your holidays via Marche Owners Direct

The holiday website for your Le Marche farmhouse, apartment or villa rental. Book Italian holidays with confidence direct from the owners & get special offers.

Ten great reasons why you should book your holidays via Marche Owners Direct –

1/ Excellent value – you will not find any of our properties at lower prices elsewhere and they may even cost less via us. Watch out for special Spring saver offers coming soon! These offers will not be available anywhere else.

2/ You book directly with the owner – no middlemen or hidden fees. We are not agents.

3/ We probably have the perfect property for you – with a variety of places from fabulous small hotels, apartments for 2 to 6 people, country villas for small and large groups and organic agriturismos we have places to suit all size parties and pockets. If a pool and wifi is important for you we can help with that too.

4/ We are happy to advise you about the right place for you – do you want to be close to a town or village? Do you want to be a short drive to the beach? Is the house child friendly? Do you need seclusion in a peaceful place? Are you wondering about a wedding here? Do you want to go hiking or biking in a stunning national park? Just give us a call and we’ll try to help.

5/ You can trust us – we all know each other and can verify our places are real – no need to worry about scammers.

6/ We know our areas very well – we can tell you about the best restaurants, secret picnic spots, our favorite beaches, when the local markets are held, how to find amazing bargains in the outlet shops, we give you our top tips and insider knowledge to make sure you have the best possible holiday. Between us we have over 200 years of experience gathering this information – we are delighted to share it with you.

7/ We have loads of ideas about things to do – from cooking classes to quadbiking, horseriding, mountain biking, paraponting and hang gliding, opera going, clubbing on the beach, wine tasting and buying, foraging for wild foods, boat trips, shopping for designer goods at massive discounts – whether you are after a really active holiday or a totally indulgent one we can help.

8/ If you are thinking about buying a place for yourself here we can point you in the direction of agents we trust and advise about the whole process – we have all been through this ourselves.

9/ We may be small but we ARE beautifully formed – with the big boy rental sites becoming unwieldy in the amount of properties advertised – many of them by agents taking a slice of 10-20% on top of the true cost of your holiday – isn’t it cool to be dealing with a grassroots local group who really care about their guests? We have the places that are ‘the needle in the haystack’ to save you days of researching!

10/ Most importantly we are all passionate about our part of Italy and genuinely want to help our guests love it as much as we do, we will bend over backwards to help you have a brilliant time here.

Email us at info@marcheownersdirect.com or call us on our skype line – it is a UK number so charged at Uk prices 0115 714 1877

Source: marcheownersdirect.com

Marche Owners Direct is a great new initiative where a group of property owners in Marche have worked together to form a co-operative. Check out the beautiful range of properties on their website.

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30 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Visit Le Marche

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 18.54.49

1. There is nothing at all to see or do here. It is all very dull and uninteresting.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 16.22.31

2. We have 2 National Parks and they are all very boring and full of scary butterflies. There are really hard hiking trails which may be too hard for you & not rewarding at all.

 3. We have 180 km of coastline, with uninteresting sandy bays & deep blue sea & wild mussels who live here because the sea is too clean.


4. We have over 500 dreary piazzas which are very old and full of history.


5. Our food is natural & very local – you probably won’t like it so better bring your own.

6. We have 200 churches which are mainly Romanesque architecture, so very ancient. There are also 183 religious shrines. Who wants to see these?


7. We even have skiing in the winter where there may be lots of cold snow.


8. We have lots of festivals which can be noisy & very colourful & people may have fun.


 9. There are hilltop towns all over the place and they are historic and tedious.


10. We are famous for our smelly white & black truffles & lots of them – yuk!  


11. Our towns have steep cobbled streets & tiny alleyways to explore.  You may get lost.

12. There are mediocre mountain views around every corner. Don’t bring your camera, its a waste of time.

our grapes

13. Our delicious wine is far too cheap – you won’t like it. Our nasty Pecorino won the best in Italy 2014!


14. You can find wild mushrooms in the hills but its much more fun queuing for them in the supermarket.

tollentino (2)

15. In Autumn all the leaves go orange & brown & fall off the trees. You should miss this, it looks terrible, just like in America.


16. Our delicious local pizzas are some of the best in the world & will make you put on weight.

pilots lake 2

17. Our Sibillini National Park has a lake full of creatures you will only find here. Nowhere else in the world.


18. We have over 1000 important monuments. Far too many too see.


19. We have so much wildlife and beautiful creatures. You wouldn’t want to meet any of those.


20. Our unspoilt, rolling hills are full of nasty yellow sunflowers.

ascoli cafe

21. We have lots of cafes to relax in and waste hours of your precious holiday time.


22. You can eat ugly looking seafood whist looking down on the stunning blue waters.


23. We have many wineries serving our terrible Marche wine & you can go and have a tasting if you are brave enough.


24. Our lakes are deep & kayaking amongst the peace & tranquillity can be scary.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.36.30

25. Our 72 historic theatres are usually small & intimate & don’t hold many people.  


26. Our Churches are full of old crumbly paintings which have no historical interest at all. Who has heard of Crivelli after all?


27. You would just hate to relax on one of our beautiful sandy beaches.


28. The Sferisterio in Macerata has many screechy operas & world famous men in tights doing ballet. You may want to avoid this.


29. If you have the misfortune of staying in the countryside, beware. The birdsong in the morning can be deafening. Make sure you bring your earplugs.


30. Don’t even think of coming to peaceful, unspoilt Le Marche. Its very quiet & we like it that way & its bound to be much better else where. But if you do dare risk it, check out MarcheOwnersDirect.com, where you can book your dreadful holiday directly with the caring owners and they help you make the most of this awful place!

Written by HideawayLeMarche.com Those terrible Hideaway farmhouse apartments ran by Mark & Sarah, in a lonely green valley surrounded by noisy birds.

The Roman goddess of Fano set to take up residence at Verulamium Museum in St Albans

A statue of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck, fate and fortune, is being presented to St Albans by Fano in Italy to strengthen links between the twin towns. The six-foot-tall bronze artwork is a replica of the statue of Fortuna that stands in the fountain of Fano’s main square. The Roman town of Fano was originally named Fanum Fortunae, or “the shrine of Fortuna”, the Roman goddess of Fate. […]


Source: www.stalbansreview.co.uk

Oh how fascinating – we used to live on the Verulamium estate in St Albans, so we know the statue is going to a good home! Can’t wait to hear more about this interesting story.

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Le Marche, between the rise of the hills

That is known for woods, witches and fairies. Placid and restful even cloaked in gray, and fresh. Patient even when it is windy and it is heavily rainy. A “soap and water” land – you think – because historically outside the major trade and military routes or because too close to the popular Romagna, Tuscany, and Umbria. And perhaps this is why you observe it with increasing curiosity and surprise. You are in the Marche.

Source: www.italytherapy.com

Such a wonderful area to explore with something for everyone. We have a beautiful place for you to use as a base whilst exploring too. The Hideaway, near Amandola, is perfect for walking in the Sibillini National Park or relaxing on the beach. Hope to see you soon http://hideawaylemarche.com

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Ascoli Piceno fra le migliori 10 destinazioni turistiche per il Touring Club

La guida Touring Club inserisce la città di Ascoli Piceno fra le città imperdibili da visitare nel 2015

Source: visitascoli.it

How fantastic to read that our wonderful Ascoli Piceno has been

mentioned by the Touring Club Italia as one of the top 10 places to visit in the world! It certainly is one of our favourite places to visit and wonder round the travertine piazzas and streets. Congratulations Ascoli Piceno!


Via Google Translate and the Visit Ascoli Website:

“Amazing, elegant and discreet”: these are the words used by the Italian Touring Club to describe our lovely city. The prestigious association, landmark in publishing and storytelling tourism can provide the traveler with the tools to responsible tourism and quality, has mentioned the Marches capital among the 10 destinations in the world must visit in 2015.

The city of a hundred towers in the month of January has been included among the 10 tourist locations that are worth a visit at least once in their lives alongside most famous cities like Florence and emblazoned, Città di Castello, Matera – the latter crowned their quest ‘year as European City of Culture in 2019 – but also on the side of international destinations such as Istanbul, Stockholm.

Treasure chest of art and culture, Ascoli Piceno is a city yet to be discovered. Away from the main flow of mass tourism, the city has managed to preserve its authenticity over time: a jewel of travertine that still shines its former glory!

Known abroad than for its beauty for its food and wine, according to the editors of the guides touring the city of hundred towers has an intrinsic potential yet to be expressed. Its plot of rue and towers develops in plain in a few hundred meters and can be visited on foot or by bike.

The succession of churches, palaces, museums trace the symbol of different ages who have crossed and marked the history of the provincial capital. In its precious historical center, Ascoli Piceno in fact preserves intact traces of the medieval past that, in Piazza Arringo is expressed again in all its beauty.

Praised for its beautiful Piazza del Popolo , ideal setting for cocktails and coffee enjoyed in the company lends itself to be discovered and admired each time under a different guise.

Also mentioned the events and traditions of the capital Piceno place of tourist attraction for the Quintana , the historic Carnival and the calendar of events which this year includes events on the occasion of the Franciscan.

Ascoli for the entry in red guides of touring club will be a unique opportunity of great attraction for all those who want to enjoy a trip to the open sky in the history and beauty!

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Marche Owners Direct – Property of The Day – The Hideaway, Amandola.

Today’s property of the day is the very gorgeous The Hideaway – a bed and breakfast and self catering apartment set up – ideal for couples or smaller family groups close to Amandola in Southern Marche. Run by Sarah and Mark who will bend over backwards to help you have a fabulous holiday, hugely family friendly too with a lovely pool we really recommend checking it out. It’s gorgeous! http://marcheownersdirect.com/il-nascondiglio/4583779799

Source: www.facebook.com

So lucky to star as Marche Owners Direct featured property of the day. We love being part of this great new scheme  – where you, the holiday maker can book direct with the knowledgable owners, with no commissions or hidden costs. For more information, why not check out our website http://hideawaylemarche.com

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Living a Life in Colour: A guide to Le Marche

Le Marche is known for its lush green hills below the Sibillini Mountains, forests of oak trees, medieval towns, and its rocky coastline along the Adriatic Sea. […]

Source: www.livingalifeincolour.com

A lovely summary of beautiful Marche and all this wonderful region has to offer.

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