Come and Explore Magical Marche ….

and everything our beautiful region has to offer. From poetry to paintings, opera to osteria's, hilltop towns and villages, markets and museums. Something for all the family. Have a look at this wonderful Le Marche Video to learn more!

Our beautiful Amandola and all she has to offer. If you haven’t visited yet, then here is a glimpse of our stunning area. Something for everyone to enjoy. From horse riding to hiking, yoga to fishing, skiing to sun set watching. You really don’t know what your are missing!

10 great walking holidays in Europe

We round up some of the best guided and self-guided walks that explore the continent’s high peaks, deep fjords and rare wildlife

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10 great walking holidays in Europe – Our Stunning Sibillini National Park as Featured in The Guardian Today. With walks starting from only 20 minute away from The Hideaway, we are ideally located for you to explore this wonderful, unspoilt area. Have a look today

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Never Mind 50 Shades of Grey. Here is 50 Shades of Le Marche!

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Want to know why Le Marche is so special? Despite being little know outside of Italy, there is so much to see and do. Certainly something for everyone in this wonderful region. Unspoilt, full of history, the most friendly people and dazzling views around every corner, you will want to come back time and time again.

Here are just the top 50 of our personal favourites at The Hideaway.

1. Take a hike in the stunning Sibillini National Park 

2. Spend a lazy Sunday lunch at the wonderful Il Tiglio with chef Enrico.

3. Relax on the beaches of the Adriatic

4. Take a wine tour at the fascinating Murola Winery.

5. Go on an adventure in the forest with Marco and his beautiful donkeys of Smerillo.

6. Take a pasta making course at La Conca with the fantastic Mirela and dine there too.

7. Visit the local cheese farm and meet the lovely goats at Fontegranne, Belmonte Piceno

8. Have a look at some of the many tiny painted theatres in the area Amandola & Penna San Giovanni

9. Find out all about copper production & maybe buy a pan to last a lifetime at Tanucci’s Comunanza.

10. Take a ride on horseback round the beautiful San Ruffino Lake.

11. Visit the stunning Frasassi Caves – perfect for a rainy day!

12. Have a look at Bozzi pottery being made and maybe take a piece home for yourself.

13. Stroll round ancient Ascoli Piceno & look out for the inscriptions over the doors – there are over 200!

14. Whilst in Ascoli Piceno, enjoy a gelato at Yoghi Gelateria & visit the famous Piazza del Popolo

15. Go truffle hunting in the woods near The Hideaway or in November visit the Amandola Truffle Festa.

16. Visit the Chiesa di Santa Maria Della Rocca in Offida.

17. Take a guided tour of our nearby town of Amandola.

18. Go exploring  San Ruffino Lake by kayak!

19. Go on a pilgrimage to Loretto & the Santuario Della Santa Casa where you will find the house of Mary

20. Visit Fermo and the Cisterne Romane, underground cisterns dating back to Roman times.

21. Take a trip to the Conero National Park and be amazed at the beaches.

22. Whilst at the Conero, eat the freshest muscles ever on Portonova beach.

23. Visit the stunning Basilica di San Nicola in Tolentino.

24. Explore the fascinating Grotti di Osimo caves.

25. Eat pizza in our local favourite Bella Napoli in Amandola. You won’t find better!

26. Visit Le Senate, a new winery in the area and discover a small but perfectly formed vineyard.

27. Take in an opera at the Sferisterio in Macerata, perfect on a summers evening.

28. Sniff the aromas of award winning Perfero Caffe near Altidonna & see the beans being roasted.

29. Watch pasta being made & buy some at Campofilone where it has been made now for over 100 years.

30. Experience buying ‘sfuso’ wine like a local at Centanni near Pedaso,

31. Go to Mazzumaja (dialect for kids making a mess) a huge music event in Comunanza in July.

32. Visit Castello Pallotta in Caldarola. The most perfectly formed castle full of interesting articles.

33. Go factory outlet shopping to some of the biggest names in fashion including Prada, Tods & Armani.

34. Take a stroll & picnic amongst some of Marche’s oldest landscapes at the peaceful Abbadia di Fiastra

35. Laze by the side of the deep blue waters of Lago di Fiastra or take a dip in the cooling waters.

36. Ski at Sassotetto or Madelena – perfect for beginners and the more experienced alike.

37. Travel north and visit the wonderful town of Urbino, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

38. Visit the Casa Leopardi – the home of Giacomo Leopardi in Recanati.

39. Take a tour round the ancient site of Urbisaglia and the archeological park and castle.

40. Don’t miss Fabriano, famous for its paper making.

41. Visit the International Museum of Hats in Montappone and grab yourself a bargain.

42. Treat yourself to a Spa in the famous spa town of Sarnano

43. Wonder round the Museum in Amandola and find out about ancient traditions of the countryside.

44. Visit the ancient town of Gradara and its beautiful castle.

45. Stroll around one of the many town markets which are held nearly every day and pick up a bargain.

46. Hike up the Golla dell’Infernaccio or Hells Gorge and be amazed at the beauty and peace.

47. Whilst at Golla dell’Infernaccio, take a detour & visit Padre Pietro at the L’Eremo di San Leonardo.

48. Not strictly Marche, but in neighbouring Umbria – don’t miss the Fioritura in Castelluccio.

49. Get along to one of the many festivals and events held year-round and join in the fun.

50. Winning the award for best pizza maker 2012, visit Mamma Rosa, Ortezzano for a real treat.

Oh and there are just so many more to discover! So come on over to Le Marche and see for yourself.

If you want to know to sell truffles (and teach truffle hunting), to New Yorkers, talk to our neighbour Moreno Moretti

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Sarah Topps‘s insight:

Our Friendly Neighbour Moreno hits the big time in the “Big Apple” or the “Giant Truffle” as he now calls it:

How to join a region delightful but little known as Le Marche to the myth of America. We present Moreno Moretti, a 26 year old tartufologo landed in the Big Apple, which he renamed the Great Truffle, as the city with the largest number of restaurants at the top, and the highest number of millionaires, and both are happy to corner the Italian truffle , a highly sought after luxury product.

Moreno comes up with the smiling face and upbeat, the entrepreneurial verve, and its web page (Le Marche Holiday) shows the wasp happy. There are objects that represent an entire nation, and we need to focus on old stereotypes sometimes. Here’s what he says, and explains how to seduce the American who wants to return to Italy a second time without even having to visit Rome or Florence. Just offer them the truffle hunting. Here is his story.

“My dream has always been to arrive in America, and sell gourmet products related to my country, because I am sure of one thing: Americans love Italy the traditional food and good living, and films of the 50s . Americans like the truffle hunting, because they are passionate about Italian food, and then the nose is so special, a delicious mushroom and very precious. ”

Moreno is one of those young Italian graduates who could not find a job if you had to invent, and is more than happy to do so, because the alternative was between factory work or be unemployed, but we return to the truffle.

Sometimes you can walk for more than three hours and did not find anything, how can you find a kg in a short time. There are many families in our mountains sibilillini making this activity the reason for his life, they get up in the morning and go truffle hunting in the woods all day, and are very jealous of their secrets. The price of the truffle is like gold because the price changes from day to day. Americans fell in love with it because it is very expensive, and therefore is a luxury, and because it tastes so strong and unique that would pay gold to taste.

And so on this wave I developed a tourism project to look for truffles offering wine tours, and I came to New York looking to develop contacts with distributors for the sale of truffles and other products. “Forpeople like Moreno the city that never sleeps is a masterpiece, while the Americans already knew him since Moreno has been repeatedly named by the magazine Dream of Italy as one of the most talented Italian innovators in the field of tourism.

“New York has struck me, frankly a city so fast and so big I had never seen before. For a guy like me, who comes from the country, it was a great experience. A city of many opportunities, whether you have initiative and a touch of madness and unconsciousness can emerge, and within a week you can close business, make friends, and maybe even get married. No, I have not married, but the other two things I’ve done.

Anyway back to the truffle, is very special as it is the product of 70% water and every day after quarrying if you do not sell immediately lose 5 % of economic value.Then selling it is a race against time. The truffle hunting is a unique experience instead of back to nature, and believe me, those who live between iron and cement it really needs, even if that iron and cement New York. ”

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Walking from The Hideaway


Walking from The Hideaway, there are so many beautiful places to explore, with stunning views along the way. Today we walked to the tiny hamlet of Marnacchia, just up the road and were rewarded by this amazing sight.

Spring really is a perfect time to explore the beautiful Sibillini Mountains and their surroundings. With birdsong, violets, primroses and woodpeckers all around.

Sibillini d’Inverno: idee per una convivenza

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La pratica dello scialpinismo nel rispetto dell’ambiente, l’espansione della presenza del Lupo, le economie della montagna e le nuove forme di sfruttamento turistico.

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

A lovely video about the Sibillini National Park in the Winter. The practice of ski mountaineering in the environment, the expansion of the presence of the wolf, the economies of the mountain and the new forms of tourism.



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Not Only Do Our Guests Have Fun In The Snow….

We took Jessie Dog up to the mountains the other day and what a fun time she had. She just loved exploring and then had a good roll around in the white stuff.

So many walks up in the Sibillini Mountains and although not all of them are accessible with the snow, there are plenty to choose from anyway. Great skiing at the moment too!

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Local Home-made Cheeses from Fontegranne – Belmonte Piceno – Fermo

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On a nearby farm at Belmonte Piceno, their motto’s are:

Each year to produce the best hay.

Every day to feed our animals and milk the best milk.

Every morning to turn fresh milk into cheese unique.

Every hour for maturing cheese and enrich our noble perfume.

This is us.

This is our industry.

And this shows.

From the wonderful cool, creamy goats cheeses made with ‘raw’ milk, lightly coated in the hottest of chillies, a taste explosion! To the cheeses aged in terracotta, there is something to suit all tastes.

You can book a degustazione visit – cheese and oil and jams and jellies all homemade and waiting for you to sample.  Cold cuts and high quality products, alongside a small selection of wines from the best wineries in Le Marche.

For the really adventurous, why not spend a day in the dairy, learning for yourself first-hand how to process the cheese. You will participate in different activities that take place in a full working day at the farm from 6.30 am to 13.00 and again in the afternoon. A wonderful experience and all from only €50 per person for a group of 4, or €75 for a group of 2.

For further information, have a look at their website:

For Tours contact or see

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

We met the staff of the Fontegranne at the Gualdo Cheese Festival last year and they certainly have every right to be so passionate about their products. You can tell the care and attention which goes into making each cheese we sampled. They were all delicious.

Why not stay with us at The Hideaway if planning a visit to the farm. For more information see:

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5th Edition of Hot Ice Photoshooting 2013!!!

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Hot Ice snowboard

Sarah Topps‘s insight:

Its Hot Ice 2013 time at Maddalena this weekend. A great chance to photograph some of the top snowboarders as they do their stuff. Good music too! 23rd and 24 February. Don’t miss it.

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